About Us

Hello Welcome!

We are A locally owned and opperated counterculturist lifestyle brand & clothing store specializing in 1940s/1950s rockabilly,punkabilly and alternative fashions for ALL body types! Located at 300 Prince Albert Road,Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

You all see a lot of the products I carry but not a lot about Me! Hi I'm Kristin I'm the Owner and Operator of Riot Pixie Boutique & I'm A 33 year old mother of 2 local Dartmouth girl, after traveling across Canada many times in my youth my adventures landed me here. I quickly fell in love with the music & art scene and all the amazing talent Halifax/Dartmouth has to offer. When I was younger you would usually find me safety pinning & stitching my own clothes together & moshing around the pavilion. Now 15 or so years later I still struggle to find these amazing punkabilly alternative styles in our home town. So here I am hoping to bring you all some of these amazing brands and accessories I've grown to love over the years! I'm so greatfull for all of the brands who I'm working with and the amazing people behind them! Thank you all for your amazing support!! And nice to well sort of meet you! :)